Carlo De Marchis — Multiple Identities

  • Sport & Media Tech Exec
  • Electronic Music Creator and Label
  • Music Selector (Vinyl)
  • Artist/Photographer

“I like to operate at the edge of what I understand.”

Electronic Music — NEOM Records

Electronic Music Virtual Label with 4 artists: An Ignorant Soul, Abe Murakami, 100 Operai Elettrici, The Night I Swam.
Unapologetic interest in anything that happens between electronic music and new forms of jazz.
Based in Torino, Italy, often in London, NYC and LA.
Driven by curiosity and inspired by the fabric of sound.

An Ignorant Soul

Electronic music artist creating emotional tracks inspired by voices and noises and sounds from wherever in the world happens to be home in that time. From Torino, Italy, but traveling constantly.

Abe Murakami

Inspired by the many aspects of black music, sampling, and new forms of jazz.
Proudly producing music from Torino, London, LA and NYC.

100 Operai Elettrici

Experimenting with electronic sounds, glitch, noises and sampled voices.
Mostly from Torino, Italy in Vanchiglietta, the area between the two rivers.
May soon try to make people oscillate a bit if not dance.

The Night I Swam

Electronic ambient artists with a fascination for detailed sounds landscapes that surround the curious listener with plenty to discover. Likes to compose in public spaces, bars, restaurants and art galleries.

Unapologetic Music Selector on Vinyl

Leveraging my 1000+ vinyl collection to create 4+ hours dj-set filled with anything that inspires me from spiritual jazz, nu-jazz, electronic music, house and world music.
Book me:

AI-Generated Art and Photography

Black & White iPhone photography on Instagram

AI-Generated art

Using artificial intelligence to create thought-provoking art.

NFT projects



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