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3 min readSep 2, 2023
carlodemarchis — Photomemory (2024)

As a photographer I have been raised and educated with black & white photography.

I have a passion for portraits.

I started experimenting with generative AI in many ways as part of my professional life.

LATEST: I will be at Liquida Photo Festival in May 2024 with a new project!

I applied what I learned to create a series of multiples based on prompts that would generate sequences of portraits with small variations and different photographer styles to immerse viewers in the upcoming confused future where the border between real and unreal is becoming thinner.

It’s repetition that create the awkwardness, it’s repetition that creates the sense of loss, it’s repetition that leaves that weird taste in your mouth at the end, it’s repetion that makes you unsure of what you have seen.

These first artworks are printed on Baryta Canson paper 50x50 and framed.


You can buy all of my artworks here:

They are staring at us

They are staring at us.
New print. Edition of 10. Printed on Baryta Canson in Turin. Available. Numbered and signed. Framed and unframed. 100x70 cm. Ask for pricing.

Are we failing the next generation?
These faces generated by AI represent the bitter disappointment of millions of youth worldwide.
Their precisely simulated despair conveys an unspoken accusation of intergenerational betrayal.
For too long we have favored immediate comfort over long-term vision.

Work in progress…


2023.10.31–2023.11.05: Torino Paratissima Liquida Festival Winter Edition

LATEST: I will be at Liquida Photo Festival in May 2024 with a new project!

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