Clubhouse For Sports

  1. Supportive and participative environment
    The added value and endorphine rush you get when you are pushed on stage is part of the listening experience. The level of kindness is above average compared to other social platforms. The level of authenticity seems also good to me.
  2. Access to talent
    Quite impressed by the level of people I have been able to listen to in less than one month. Very often
  3. Serendipity
    In two ways: in one sense finding great content by randomly scrolling through rooms, but even more the fact that in some cases I saw quite important people (to the subject matter) join a room and being brought on stage, resulting in a great room much better then it started.
  1. Discovery — not so easy to find something you want to hear or participate for now at all times
  2. Noise — the level of trash is growing with smartass people polluting and there are clear privacy and safety worries
  3. Monetization — how will people monetize this? Will it be on-platform or off-platform?
  1. Watch party
    I have already listened to some rooms focused on commenting on live games with group of friends. Seems an obvious one.
  2. VIP Commentary of live games/events
    The same but moderated and with VIP guests on stage while audience would be more passive (with notable exception). This could be done by influencers, media, but also by clubs.
  3. Experts chats
    More relaxed and on topic rooms where a specific subject is discussed after the fact
  4. Players/Athletes interviews and chats
    Having direct access to Players/Athletes/Coaches with moderated rooms in a friendly environment
  5. Townhalls
    Less obvious but the platform could be used to have townhalls — i.e. asking feedback to the community — on specific sports products and experiences




@CDM / Chief Evangelist @deltatre

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carlo de marchis

carlo de marchis

@CDM / Chief Evangelist @deltatre

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