Digital Art — Queen. 9 of them.

This post contains the digital assets of the digital art collection “Queen. 9 of them.”, based on the concept: “A woman path to success doesn’t have straight lines and her story has many colors.”

The first NFT Art available to buy is here

PNG file 3726x4203 pixel

Single version not yet for sale.

They are PNG files size 1242x1401.
They are named “Queen.XY.” where X= A,B,C and Y = 1,2,3 like in a spreadsheet.

Queen. 9 of them.

Queen. A1.

Queen. A2.

Queen. A3.

Queen. B1.

Queen. B2.

Queen. B3.

Queen. C1.

Queen. C2.

Queen. C3.



carlo de marchis

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