F1: Why Imola means a lot to me

Imola. Emilia Romagna. Italy. Europe.
An historic place for Formula 1.
Want to know more?

So, why does Imola matter to me?
It’s a story from long time ago.


At the times we were managing data processing and broadcast graphics for Formula 1 in all gran Prix around the world.

The scoreboard as you can see from the photo below has a simple setup: 6 elements with 3 fields each: Rank - fixed, car number — controlled by us, time — also controlled by us. That’s it. We defined different layouts even with this very limited options to manage race and practice in a different way.

Those devices where talking to each other via serial ports and long cables were running from the timing booth to the finish line bridge.

The circuit

Also, iconic names Tamburello, Villeneuve, Tosa, Piratella, Acque Minerali (scary!), and then down to Rivazza.

Gerhard Berger

Imola and Ristorante Zio’

Zio’, a small restaurant with few rooms in the center of the small city, owner and staff were iconic characters.
Amazing Zabaione and light white wines from the region on top of other great food.

I remember driving fast from torino to Imola on the Olivetti Lancia HPE Executive to arrive in time for dinner!

Roberto Nosetto

She recently wrote a book about Roberto long career.

Daniele Amaduzzi

You can still buy his books on ebay and other platforms. He died around 2000.

Olivetti Computers per lo sport

Riccardo Patrese 1990

Ayrton Senna 1994

My favorite driver and person in the circuit dies at my favorite circuit?
I stopped watching F1 for years.