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carlo de marchis
2 min readNov 6, 2022

So… this is an instant blog post, hence it’s value may decrease already in the next 48 hours.

Hear me out.

Let’s start with twitter and what some advertisers are doing after the Elon Musk acquisition.
Advertisers are leaving or considering to leave.
This may last or not.

Traditional social media advertising is not doing well these days as market condition loom and a possible coming recession is impacting ad revenues globally.

Let’s talk about Netflix.
This spring the big news was they appearing to be losing subs for the first time.
OTT/streaming deniers and vultures were all happy.
Then Netflix did what they said they would never do.
Introduced an AVOD option.
We still don’t know if that will be a success for them. (Possibly the most interesting thing to observe from now to xmas in our sector).

BUT with a bit of silver-lining for them and a surprise for me there is now a trend of interest by advertiser in being on that platform and I am expect on similar platforms, they see those ad-dollars more valuable it seems.

The depth to which Netflix know their user base coupled with the solid brand sentiment around it, may be the success factor.

Having talked to many in the industry, this last week, the sense that OTT platforms are extremely safe for advertisers is quite agreed upon.

So my hypothesis is that in the coming months advertisers may be more intrigued with OTT advertising then social.

I hope that will bring innovation in ad formats and ad experience for users (less intrusive?) and shake a bit the market.

For OTT tech/product/marketing suppliers the message is clear since the spring of 2022 make sure your understanding of the advertising part of OTT (even beyond traditional AVOD) is sound, and place some focus on that now.

Just an intuition. May die fast.

Let me have your thoughts.

Thanks to Emily Chang and all at Bloomberg tech for constant inspiration.



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