Scott Belsky’s Top 5 in 2022 — My Take.

carlo de marchis
3 min readJan 7, 2022

We have all seen too many lists of something in these last few weeks and if most are often more of a self-promotional “I am a guru” statement — including mine :) I guess — some can cut through to the noise and give us insightful and provoking ideas.

I guess this one from

(Behance founder, Author of ‘Making Ideas Happen” and CPO at Adobe) makes my good list. Which now makes me think I should do a list of the top 5 “top lists 2022” I have seen recently.

Let’s see what he considers top for 2022.

  1. The next generation of top talent will have “Polygamous Careers,” transforming the corporate world as we know it
    CDM: I am totally fascinated by the reasoning behind this and have to recognize I do have a polygamous role although for the same company. Working fully committed and passionate on multiple project is more full-filling at least for me, I appreciate different people may have different work/life styles. In a period when talent is moving rapidly from one career to another, and retaining the change-makers is proving extremely challenging, any idea that can include better people is worth considering.
  2. The rise of immersive experiences will mainstream 3D creation
    He said Metaverse in the end, and this make sense but I find it a bit “MEH…”, it’s just a consequence and serves well Adobe offering so for me not so inspiring, unless you tell me you are building an AI/ML engine that builds automatically what you need…
  3. “The Stakeholder Economy” will turn customers (and employees) of businesses into owners
    This is big. The ownership economy may become a disruptive model for the next years if someone figures out exactly how to bring it mainstream. See also article on the same subject. (link)
    To be honest I have a story that really make this resonate with my experience. 2/3 years ago I started using a no-code platform and created some fun mobile apps in my extra time. The NFL Draft app was featured (as one of the first on the platform) and got some traction for a while. As I was one of the first adopters, and that company eventually I kinda expected some sort of small payback for also spreading the word in my network. Not that I considered it something I deserved but it could be a good way to repay early fans. (The platform was Glide)
  4. Artificial Intelligence will make personalization too good to opt-out
    I agree that using experiences without personalization is really poor as we are now, for better or worse, used to expect it as a standard. But saying that the current personalization is effective, in general, is far from reality.
    See this article on UX frustration in discovery of content.
  5. The next generation will have a nomadic decade of life and work, and will love it
    I am a nomad. Have traveled extensively. Have moved house 5 times in the last 11 years. Having kids in different age groups (27,24,6,4) I can see that happening even more than now going forward. It’s a cultural shift. interesting one.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know!



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