They Are Staring At Us

carlo de marchis
2 min readJan 16, 2024

They are staring at us. New print. Edition of 10. Printed on Baryta Canson in Turin. Available. Numbered and signed. Framed and unframed. 100x70 cm. Ask for pricing.

They Are Staring at Us

Are we failing the next generation?

These faces generated by AI represent the bitter disappointment of millions of youth worldwide.

Their precisely simulated despair conveys an unspoken accusation of intergenerational betrayal.

For too long we have favored immediate comfort over long-term vision.

Climate inaction — Not making enough progress to meet emissions reductions goals to avoid catastrophic warming that will greatly impact youth worldwide.

Wealth inequality — Allowing excessive consolidation of wealth while poverty remains entrenched across much of the global population.

Social Injustice — We fail to fix systemic discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation and other factors that will continue to marginalize many children.

Access to education — Not prioritizing education access for all, especially girls and marginalized groups, limiting potential.

Public health — Insufficient investment in healthcare and disease prevention including for maternal & child health.

Hunger and nutrition — Not addressing food security and malnutrition issues that stunt millions of children.

Water scarcity — Inadequate global cooperation to address looming water shortages.

War and conflict — Continued resort to violence and unwillingness to address root causes of conflicts that displace youth.

Human rights — Ongoing violations of human rights, especially against indigenous/minority groups, women, children.

Digital divide — Failure to close global internet and tech access gaps that will disadvantage many youth.

Irresponsible industry — Allowing corporate interests to trump protections for human/environmental health.

Short-term thinking — Lack of forward-looking vision and long-term planning for sustainable development.

Intergenerational justice — Overall failure to sufficiently incorporate interests of future generations into policymaking.

We must think beyond ourselves — for the consequences of our neglect touch us all.

Watch these photos often as a reminder to take action.



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