I have created a track inspired by the complexity of this last long year we all have gone through.
Each of us in our own way, in the same storm but on different boats.
Complex, unusual times.
Basic aspects of our life are disrupted, change has been accelerated, major transformations have been achieved in short times.
Certain moments were super fast, others were slow and empty, highs and lows, hope and despair, hope.
I am sure we all had a different year.

  1. Put on your headphones
  2. Position yourself in a comfortable position and place
  3. Close your eyes
  4. Play
  5. Listen
  6. Bring your mind back to this long last year
  7. I hope this brings you emotions as it did to me composing it.

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Behind the scenes

This track has been created with Ableton Live.

The piano sounds are from Noire — Komplete Kontrol — Native Instruments.

The main piano track is created starting from a drum loop sample that has been converted to MIDI, then quantized to a scale.

Strings are from Spitfire Audio, more piano from Ableton Live, noises from Ableton packs.

Reverbs are mostly Raum.

Beat Repeater from Ableton is used too.

Hope you enjoy.

@CDM / Chief Evangelist @deltatre